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Parrish Pools provides Pool Repairs and Renovations for Commercial Swimming Pools in Maryland and Delaware.

At Parrish Pools Co., Inc., our core business has always focused on providing renovations and repairs to commercial pools, such as multi-housing communities, including apartment pools, clubs, HOA pools, hotels, aquatic centers, and resort-type pools.  From refurbishing pool interiors, replacing coping and tile, to performing structural repairs, we are your one-source company for commercial pool construction and renovations.

In today’s competitive multi-housing industry, we understand that your residents are seeking high-end amenities that must stay in top condition to attract and keep your tenants.  If your existing pool is looking worn, or in need of an upgrade, we offer commercial pool renovations, remodeling, and modifications to make the pool attractive and inviting again.  Sometimes creating a new space with different design elements such as new water features can help modernize the pool.   We can also change the depth and shape.


Commercial Pool Renovation Specialties

If your current pool coping is cracked, loose, or falling off, it is time to get this fixed for both safety and aesthetic reasons.   The coping stones can really improve the look of the pool, to make it look new again.

Our line of Precast Coping Stones are constructed with safety features – They are generally white in color, feature a bullnose coping profile with a hand-held grip, and a slip-resistant finish on the top of the coping stones.   Upon request, we offer coping stones with embedded spaces for pool depth marker tiles.

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Over time and sometimes due to freezing conditions, the pool and ground around it starts to settle, causing minor cracks in the waterline tile. As the pool settles, the mortar that adheres the pool tiles can loosen as well, causing the tiles to separate or crack.

We offer a wide selection of pool tile. Most commercial pools use a nominal 6” x 6” swimming pool tile size and are constructed of a frost-proof porcelain tile. We use quality materials and workmanship to install a waterline pool tile and tiled depth markers around the entire interior perimeter to bring the pool back to the attractive water feature it is. Underwater Pool Mosaics as business logos, fish, and nature scenes are also available.

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One of the most requested repairs is expansion joint repairs.   The pool expansion joint is the joint between the in-ground pool and the pool deck which allows the pool and deck to expand independently.  Sealing this expansion joint, and keeping it sealed, prevents the coping stones from getting damaged.  If water seeps into this joint during the freeze and thaw cycles in the winter months,  the coping stones and possibly the waterline tile band can be damaged from the pressure of the ice.

Keeping the pool expansion joint properly caulked, not only reduces costly coping and tile repairs, but also eliminates dirt, small pebbles, and debris from collecting.  It’s in your best interest keep the expansion joint in good shape for functionality and aesthetics.    Parrish Pools Co., Inc. has the expertise and experience to preserve the commercial pool quality.

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When commercial pools start to age over time and experience excessive acid washing, the pool surface becomes rough and worn, and problems start to develop.  General complaints we hear – are snagged swimsuits, scrapes on swimmer’s feet, algae that is difficult to remove from the pool surface,  and sometimes loose and bubbled plaster pieces that detach from the pool itself, causing unsafe conditions.

The best way to solve this problem is to resurface the pool, a process also known as marbliting, pool plastering, or pool resurfacing.  White pool plaster is considered an industry standard, and is composed of primarily of white cement, white marble aggregate, and fresh water.   We also offer a quartz finish type of plaster, which is a stronger, more expensive finish that generally lasts longer.

Surface preparation is key.   We examine, inspect, examine, and prepare the entire interior pool floor and wall surfaces for the application of a bond coat first, to mechanically bond the new pool coating over the existing plaster finish, followed by the application of plastered finish.    As this process finishes, the pool is immediately filled with fresh water to provide a smooth finish that provides a brilliant and clean appearance that will last for years.

Whether your committee selects a smooth White Plastered Pool or a Quartz Pool Finish, we have the knowledge and expertise to complete your pool renovations in a timely manner.  We are happy to meet with you and provide a written quotation upon request.

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The Pool’s Filtration System is one of the most important components for a successful aquatic facility. Our line of Commercial Swimming Pool Equipment ranges from commercial pool pumps, filters, disinfecting systems, automated water chemistry controllers, pool heaters, and the required gauges. However, not all filter systems are the same. The filtration system really depends on the footprint of the existing pool mechanical room and the system’s backwash requirements. Contact us today for a site visit and to discuss filtration or to renovate your existing pool filtration system.

Most commercial pools built in years past were built with incandescent light bulbs.  Today, LED Pool Lights are a game changer as they are more energy efficient, and often desired on commercial pools.  While most commercial pools tend to have white lights, some enjoy the possibility of having color-changing underwater light shows.

Whether your commercial facility wants to the existing pool lights, or if they want the more modern LED Pool Lights, Parrish Pools Co., Inc. has the experience to bring the underwater pool lights back to life.  We can help trouble shoot the pool lighting and determine any pool light replacement options.

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Protect your investment with a Commercial Grade Safety Mesh Pool Cover custom-fitted specifically for your facility’s pool.   Our safety mesh pool covers are lightweight, durable, and provide a layer of safety during the winter months.  Available in different colors, they are aesthetically pleasing for any commercial pool.

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If you need commercial pool repair work done in Maryland or Delaware, you’re in good hands.  We’re here to help you with commercial pool repairs from fixing a simple chlorinator to larger renovations for tile & coping work, expansion joints, pool resurfacing, to new filtration systems.

With over 30 years in the commercial pool construction industry, we have the experience to handle large projects.  Give us a call today or fill out our webform. We’ll be happy to meet with you and provide an estimate.

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