Should Your Do a Commercial Pool Upgrade?

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Should Your Do a Commercial Pool Upgrade?

Posted by: Tom Parrish
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Commercial Pool Upgrades - Renovating Your Commercial Pool or Spa

Upgrading Your Commercial Pool or Spa

Are you thinking of upgrading your commercial pool or spa? Now is the greatest time to invest in renovating a commercial pool. Your commercial swimming area is most likely one of your business’s most valuable assets. Whether you’re a resort, hotel or motel, you need to make sure that your swimming pool is properly constructed from start to finish.

Commercial inground pools and spas deteriorate with time and will eventually require a complete renovation. If you hire a reliable commercial pool construction firm, this may be done quickly and easily. Because many businesses swimming pools close during the off-season, now is the ideal time to renovate a commercial pool.

What exactly are pool renovations and how do they work? We’ll go over all you need to know about pool restorations in this helpful guide. Continue reading to find out more about how and why right now is the perfect time to renovate a commercial pool.

Planning a Commercial Pool Project

Why Renovate Your Commercial Pool or Spa?

The focus of a pool renovation can involve many aspects of a commercial pool upgrade. Anything from the pool tiles to the deck and patio area can be updated during a pool makeover. A renovation project can include rehabilitating the pool by removing cracks and stains, as well as replacing the lighting. Pool renovations can be as extensive as you want them to be.

For condominiums and apartment buildings, the pool area is a major selling point. Building tenants today are looking for sociability features, according to a recent survey from Property Management Insider. A clubhouse and communal areas that include a pool and spa are examples of such amenities. Upgrades to such valuable assets have been demonstrated to result in an average rent increase of $25 per unit.

According to the story, one apartment complex was able to raise occupancy rates thanks to upgrading their commercial pool. Consequently, this resulted in a $51 per unit increase in rent. The apartment complex also saw occupancy leap from 84 percent to 96 percent after spending $239,000 on repairs. The entire net return on their investment on a commercial pool upgrade was 39%.

When Should You Renovate Your Commercial Pool?

The optimal time to upgrade a commercial pool or spa varies. It is, nonetheless, typical to renovate your swimming pool before the summer months start. This means that between October and April is the optimal period to renovate a commercial swimming pool. Of course, this is dependent on where you are. Maryland, for example, may have a shorter repair window due to the fact that winters tend to bring inclement weather that may lengthen the commercial pool construction process.

However, because it is not peak summer and this season may not be as crowded due to fears about Covid-19, now is an excellent time to replace or renovate your swimming pool if you haven’t already. The optimum time is usually when the pool is not in use, which is most likely the case right now. Pool renovations don’t have to take years or even months to complete; they can be completed quickly depending on the amount of planning that has been done and the scope of the work in general.

Commercial Pool Renovation & Commercial Pool Remodeling

Ideas for Commercial Pool Renovation

You can use these terrific commercial pool remodeling ideas to assist you in getting started on your renovation job. The following are some of these suggestions:

  • Upgrade the lighting and sound around the pool area.
  • Invest in a premium luxury interior pool finish.
  • Include sophisticated water features.
  • Invest in a robotic pool cleaner and swimming pool automation.
  • Consider upgrading the pool equipment and filtration system.

Local Commercial Pool Remodeling Experts

As a family-owned pool restoration company, we make sure to provide dependable pool renovation services that assist our clients in building strong relationships. Our clients can rely on Parrish Pools for the following services:

  • Commercial pool project planning, engineering and design plans.
  • Complete project specifications, budgeting and timeline for construction.
  • Expert installation and commercial pool construction & renovation services.
  • Pool upgrades, removal service, and conversion of pools & spas.

We are an experienced group of pool installation professionals dedicated to providing you with outstanding service and world quality installation. We try to provide the best pool installation services in the Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania tri-state area.

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