Commercial Pool Construction Process

Commercial Pool Construction Process

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Commercial Pool Construction Process

Commercial Pool Building Process

The commercial pool building process certainly is unique. The disparity between residential pool construction and commercial vessels is palpable. Both the price and the timeline necessary for building commercial pools and spas is different than in a residential pool build. When discussing the differences in the process, it’s important to factor in many things. The unique complexities of the business, the environment, and the materials and location involved all play a role. There are many other important issues that impact the process as well.

Our pool construction process is defined by the specific requirements of our clients. This is true whether we are building a pool for a hotel, resort, or aquatic complex. One thing is always constant, each project has it’s own unique challenges. The complicated nature of the construction of commercial pools means that not just any pool contractor can handle the installation. The requirements for installing a commercial pool or spa means that your builder must not only be experts at pool construction but must be familiar with the various engineering codes, safety regulations and construction requirements that the project entails.

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Pool Building Process For Commercial Pools & Spas

  1. The first phase consists of determining the proper layout and the exact elevations of the pool area. We begin construction by establishing the elevation and laying out the pool after receiving design approval for the commercial pool plans we’ve submitted.
  2. The second phase involves digging your pool. Typically the topsoil is taken away, and the site is dug by professional excavators.
  3. Laying the pool foundation is the third phase. To improve the pool’s structural stability, a stone or concrete pool bottom is laid. The drain plugs are inserted into the base.
  4. Plumbing and equipment come next. Experienced pool construction personnel will trench space to run lines for commercial plumbing systems and all electrical conduits.
  5. Steel installation is the fifth phase. A steel rebar framework is installed to provide the pool optimal strength.
  6. The application of gunite is the sixth phase. To avoid cold bonding or cracking, we use the nozzle applicator to spray gunite into the entire pool in a single session.
  7. Tile and coping are the final phases. We install the depth tile and cast coping, which are standard options for commercial swimming pools, after the gunite pool shell has cured.
  8. Deck and topsoil are the eighth and final phases. We build the pool deck out of your preferred material and re-spread the topsoil to prepare it for landscaping.
  9. Finish and fill phase nine. The pool is filled with water and the interior finish is applied. After we’ve balanced the water chemistry, your pool will be ready for your guests.

Commercial Pool Construction Services

Commercial Pool Construction Services

Hotels, flats, condominiums, campgrounds, healthcare facilities, sports clubs, villages, country clubs, and more can all benefit from our swimming pool construction services. Pools, spas, spray parks, kiddie pools, and water features such as deck jets, mushrooms, splash pads, and in-pool fountains are all examples of the type of work we perform.

For over 35 years, Parrish Pools has been designing and developing high-quality commercial swimming pools and water features for a variety of organizations. Our skilled pool installation staff is one of the best in the business, and we’re delighted to be the commercial pool builder of choice for a variety of businesses in the Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania tri-state area.

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Questions About The Commercial Pool Construction Process

How much of the commercial pool construction process do you outsource to other builders?

We limit the amount of subcontracting we use to create our pools at Parrish Pools. Furthermore, each trade partner we work with is an expert in their given field. This means we’re capable of building amazing commercial vessels. We’ve been working with these partners for a long time and have a strong working relationship with them. These are professional pool contractors who are experts at their given phase of construction.

How long does it take to build a commercial swimming pool?

From start to completion, most commercial pools we build usually take eight to twelve weeks. In the past, we’ve completed pools in six weeks, however right now demand for pools has been higher than ever. In addition, many other commercial pool contractors promise a six to eight-week completion time. However, with all due respect, these builders are not stating realistic timelines for commercial pool construction.

Are there hidden fees in regard to my commercial pool project?

Many commercial pool builders charge extra for equipment rental during excavation. Consequently, there are so many variables to consider when signing a pool contract that it’s easy to overlook an extra cost that might cost you thousands! When you buy a pool from Parrish Pools we always let you know about everything ahead of time.

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