Commercial Inground Pools & Spas

Commercial Inground Pools & Spas

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Commercial Inground Pool Project

Commercial inground pools are built all over the country to entertain and provide recreational amusement for public and private spaces. You’ll find commercial pools in water parks, hotels and resorts, fitness center, or aquatic centers.

Who doesn’t enjoy sunbathing and resting near a shimmering blue pool? Whether it’s well planned public pool, or a luxurious indoor pool, commercial inground pools and spas get plenty of usage. Let’s face it, commercial pool complexes have become even more popular in recent years.

Commercial pool construction includes the construction of a pool for any business establishment. Consequently, this process often differs from the pool building process performed for residential pools and should only be done by experienced commercial pool builders who have experience in the construction and installation of commercial pool vessels.

Parrish Pools has a 35 year track record in the construction of commercial pools and has completed hundreds of pool projects in the span of our history. We specialize in new pool construction, commercial pool renovation, and total makeovers for schools, gyms, aquatic treatment clinics, and all sorts of other businesses.

Commercial Inground Pool Projects

A commercial pool project might take anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks or even longer, depending on the size and complexity of your pool project. Your business’s specific needs, and the planned usage and location of the pool can factor into how long a pool takes to build.

Commercial Inground Pool Builders

Commercial Pools and Residential Pools: What’s the Difference?

A commercial pool’s size, use, and bather load are all obviously far more than a residential pool’s. As a result, the size and complexity of pool equipment employed in a commercial pool system is frequently more than that of residential pool system. Regardless of pool size, there are plenty of challenges when building a commercial pool project that just aren’t present on residential jobs.

Commercial Pool Design Projects

After more than three decades of leading commercial pool design projects, we can say with utmost confidence that there are unique distinctions in the level of detail and information necessary on a set of commercial pool plans. The approval procedure for plans and specifications for commercial pools necessitates the preparation of plans that are extremely detailed. For this reason alone, there is no room for doubt about how a commercial pool project will come together in the field.

Budgeting For Commercial Inground Pools

When the topic of budgeting for a commercial pool comes up, businesses may be surprised. When compared to the residential pool market, commercial pool building often demands a higher cost per square foot (SF) of pool surface area. In fact, the cost per square foot for a business pool is likely to be 2 to 3 times that of your normal residential pool. A wide range of things are the primary drivers of this cost disparity. This includes materials and solutions for structural and hydraulic design, as well as mechanical, filtration, and chemical treatment systems. Furthermore, most residential pools have a maximum pool depth of 7 to 9 feet, resulting in less overall construction materials as compared to commercial pools, which may contain portions with a pool depth of 12 to 13 feet to support springboard diving equipment.

A commercial pool of comparable size provides the following advantages over a pool in a single-family home:

  • Increased staffing
  • Cost per square foot is higher.
  • Written specs and detailed design information
  • Permits and regulations
  • A filtration system that can handle a larger bather load.
  • Plumbing requires extensive planning.
  • Commercial-grade equipment is larger.

Considerations When Building a Commercial Pool

Design of the Project

Every company must maintain its image. As a result, when purchasing commercial swimming pools, they must represent your company’s image. Hire a commercial pool builder who can collaborate with architects and engineers or who has a design team. Before building begins, view your possibilities in a 3-D model reproduction if feasible.

Inspections and Permits

There is a lot that goes into commercial pool construction, from design and plan approval through building permits and inspections. Choosing a pool builder who offers a complete package will give you peace of mind while also allowing you to take advantage of the best possible pricing from suppliers and vendors.

Zoning Requirements for Commercial Inground Pools

Commercial inground pool construction requirements vary by state and local municipality. Pool fence barriers, safety coverings, alarms, suction entrapment prevention, and other items are among them. A pool contractor with an extensive understanding of pool safety and state regulations may assist you in adhering to the law.

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