Benefits of Commercial Pool Construction

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Benefits of Commercial Pool Construction

Posted by: Tom Parrish
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Creating a safe, fun, and inviting commercial pool design is much more work than remodeling your backyard pool at home. Commercial pools are designed on significantly greater proportions and must accommodate a wider range of customers. While a plain public swimming pool design might be enough for those searching for a place to swim, lounge, and get some exercise, the best commercial pool designs also complement the local landscape and architecture while giving swimmers access to a wide variety of recreational opportunities. Commercial pool construction should comply with all applicable safety and regulatory regulations.

Benefits of Commercial Pool ConstructionThe commercial pool construction process

A commercial pool construction project might take as little as 6 or 12 weeks. But this will depend on the pool’s size, the specifications you specify, and any special features you need to add to the area.

Design and elevations

When the plans are finally green-lit, we can start the commercial pool construction process and lay the groundwork.


In order to prepare the site, the professional pool builder removes the topsoil, and then skilled workers begin digging.

Swimming pool base

The stability of the pool is enhanced by laying a concrete base. Drainage plugs are bottom-mounted.

Plumbing and equipment

The trench is where professionals lay electrical conduits and plumbing systems.

Steel installation

We use a steel rebar framework to ensure the pool’s structural integrity.

Gunite application

Gunite is shot into the entire pool at once with the help of a nozzle applicator to avoid cracking and cold bonding.

Tile and coping

Standard alternatives for commercial pools include cast coping and depth tile. Pool professionals install these installed after the shell cures.

Deck and topsoil

The construction team will re-spread the topsoil and install the pool deck using your preferred material.

Finish and fill

There’s water in the pool, and the interior has been finished. The professional pool builder will ensure the pool’s water chemistry is right before opening it to your customers.

The benefits of commercial pool construction

While many health clubs and gyms have at least one pool, water parks typically have many. This business may benefit from a boost in value and income if they have a stunning exotic pool.

Contentment in the workplace

Companies now face stiffer competition than ever in the hunt for top talent. The company provides generous benefits, such as paid time off and medical coverage, in an effort to entice potential employees. Businesses with commercial pools tend to attract and keep a higher quality of employees in terms of new hiring and long-term employees.

Visual therapy

When customers go into a business, the first thing they notice is the pool deck. In cases when space constraints prevent the installation of multiple smaller pools, a single outdoor pool can be a great option. You have your pick of several visually appealing designs, including a natural waterfall complete with stones and a sheer curtain.


Having a pool in the place of work can encourage staff to get in shape by simply looking at it every day. They might take advantage of this bonus by swimming during their breaks or staying late. Guests who pay a visit can pick up some useful healthful practices and get some exercise.

Place to unwind

It is not uncommon to see an infinity pool at luxurious resorts and remote exotic holiday getaways placed in attractive places. Community centers can put in swim spas for their visitors to enjoy the holiday sunshine and the therapeutic benefits of the spa’s warm jets.

Other considerations when constructing a commercial pool


Commercial pool construction codes vary widely across the United States. Some examples include alarms, covers, suction entrapment prevention, and covers for swimming pools. Hiring a pool builder with extensive experience and knowledge of state rules and pool safety will help you meet all legal requirements.

Inspections and permits

A commercial pool construction project requires extensive planning, design, approval, construction permits, and inspections. If you’re looking for peace of mind and the lowest possible prices from sellers and suppliers, hiring a pool contractor who offers the best services is the way to go.

Benefits of Commercial Pool ConstructionDesign

Maintaining a professional appearance is essential for any company. Hence, it is important to make sure that the commercial pools you build are consistent with your company’s image. To ensure that your pool is designed to your specifications, it is best to hire a commercial pool construction company. Before starting building, it’s a good idea to visualize your choices using a 3-D model.

Commercial pool construction professionals – Hire Parrish Pools today!

Building and renovating commercial pools have challenges, and Parrish Pools is well aware of these. We know this niche industry calls for professionals with years of expertise. They are also up-to-date on all the relevant codes, safety rules, and laws.

Parrish Pools can take care of your commercial pool construction needs. We can advise what equipment and systems will be the most cost-effective, user-friendly, and long-lasting. While dealing with general contractors, we must not only provide the highest quality of construction and service but also do so in a manner that does not disrupt any other ongoing building. We specialize in pool renovations, from basic resurfacing to entire remodels. Contact us today!

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