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Water Features for Swimming Pools and Spray Parks, Water Playgrounds

Parrish Pools Co., Inc. handles the Rain Drop Line of Water Features for Commercial Pools and Wading Pools.  We furnish and install quality water features for Spray Parks, Spraygrounds, Splashpads, and other recreational pools. 

Parrish Pools carries and installs Water Features that offer over 100 attractive Above-Grade and Below-Grade water features to bring your commercial project alive.  Replace the Old Wading Pool with any combination of New Water Features to make an ADA-Compliant Spray Park or Aquatic Spray Ground.   

Above-Ground Water Features shoot, spray, and cascade water.  Kids of All Ages Love these water features.  Guaranteed to bring more kids and clientel to the swim club (or playground.)    

Dumping Buckets Water Feature  Water Features for Pools, Spraypads, ASpray Parks, Recreation Centers, Aquatic Centers, Playgrounds 

Below-Ground Water Features squirt, mist, spray, and shoot water in the air.   Kids love the hidden features because they add intrigue and excitement. 

Below-Grade, Below-Ground Water Sprays for playgrounds and Recreational facilities

Water Features are available in a number of themes, such as Agricultural, Nautical, Regional - The Sky's the limit!

SprayFeature Mr Crab, Above-Ground Spray feature 

Wading Pools - To comply with the 2010 ADA-Laws, many wading pools are being renovated and updated to include a sloped beach entry pool with water features, or taken out all-together to include a spray park with Water Features.   Upgrading the kiddie pool will add a new flare and rejuvenate the pool, and attract new clientele. 


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